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How Bad Do You Want It?


Being fit and being successful are all dependent on your actions. People always talk the talk but never walk the walk. The reasons to why you aren’t successful now is because you aren’t trying hard enough. When you want something, say a new suit for example, you will go out and go purchase your suit. But when you say you want to start training to get fit and look good, you only train once a fortnight, eat junk food and would rather have a beer than a protein shake. What does that say about you? Do you really want those rippling abs or are you just saying something without actually acting to achieve it?

Where you will be in 5 years is dependent on how hard you work now. If you work hard now, maybe you won’t need to in 5 years, but if you slack off now, then in 5 years you may need to work your life away to sustain a living. If you want success, go out and learn then go and get it. Surround yourself with people who want the same goals and absorb all their information. Everyone can say they will do something but there’s only a handful who will actually put the action behind their words to achieve it. So which one will you be? One who talks the talk? Or the one who walks the walk?

How bad do you want it?

Article Written By: Allen Fu


DBS Welcome (1)
This inaugural post marks the beginning of a revolution. One that begins with the education of not just the mind but the body. All success stories begin with one thing; a dream. Our dream here is to move the hearts of those around us to seek a higher education to further take care of themselves and those in their immediate circles. Through self belief and the power of action, it is possible for anyone to influence those around them to generate a positive movement to collectively change the course of their futures. To us, success is defined as the amount of lives we can change positively and the visions we can induce through motivation and nurture. We believe that anyone can live a life with optimal health, overwhelming wealth, and timeless freedom. Life is out there for the taking, so spread your wings and take a dive, without action you will never see results.

“Luck is defined as when preparedness meets opportunity”
-Allen Fu (Founding Director of DBS)