The word entrepreneur is defined as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” Such definition is absolutely fitting as those with the most innovation, motivation and dedication are the one who will take risk in jumping at an arising opportunity no matter which aspect of business. In truth, the world runs on money whether you believe it or not. Some people say “money can’t buy happiness” but regardless of where you are, or who you are, or what financial bracket you are, there will always be a need for money. It is a simple and inescapable fact that regardless of what you choose to do with your life, money will always play a major factor.

By taking control of responsibilities, you can take control of your life through a sequence of proactive decisions to reach a state of healthwealth, and time freedom. 

Money is simply the result of a game; ‘the game of life’. You can either have too much or it, or too little of it. But the score of any game is up to you to decide whether you want become the best or remain mediocre. Invest in knowledge as that is more valuable than money itself and prepare yourself to tackle any opportunity that arises. So the question is, do you want too much money? or do you want too little money?

With that being said, success is not the result of the digits in your bank account, it however is the direct result of the lives you change, those you help and those you inspire. A person’s character is their most valuable commodity, by applying yourself to entrepreneurial pursuits you will realise your true potential and find true success

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