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Optimal Health or Expensive Urine?

Optimum Health or Expensive Urine- (3) I’m sure many of you have seen so many headlines out there saying that “vitamins and minerals are a waste of money” and that they have no health benefits. Some even promote the fact that not only do they not work, they may be harmful to you. The truth is, many of these articles are written by doctors who receive little to no class work on the subject of nutrition and dietary supplements and whose idea of physical exercise is pulling out a notepad and pen. Not only are they barely educated on the facts about nutrition and it’s benefits, most articles are based on a mere number of scientific studies which are almost always cherry picked to support their opinions. The simple truth is, doctors are not educated on the topic of nutrition during the duration of their 7-10 year university degree, they only learn about which medicine treats what but they will never tell you how to prevent the disease from even occurring in the first place. The harsh reality is, life is based around money. If the doctors were to tell you about how to prevent a disease, and if you never got sick, would there still be a need for doctors? Most definitely not… so many surgeries would close down and go out of business. Now lets move on, the media is always promoting negatives throughout society and yes we are all influenced by it but why not judge for yourself instead of being a sheep and following the crowd? Look at the evidence and look at the facts, make a judgement for yourself, determine if nutritional supplements truly are good for you. I certainly have and I most certainly have not regretted that. So, to make it easier for you, I’ll help you out. First ask yourself a few questions: Continue reading Optimal Health or Expensive Urine?